If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?

4,230,000 by our reckoning.

 Here is one of five brand videos Outset Pictures have created for The Crystal Maze Live Experience & Little Lion Entertainment to launch their reopening as lockdown is lifted in the UK!

The premise was to create a promo video for each zone of the Maze (Aztec, Medieval, Industrial, Futuristic & The Crystal Dome if you remember from the TV Series!) in the style of a typical fashion / perfume ad you would see from brands like BooHoo or Pretty Little Thing but with a twist!

The Maze Masters would be taking things way over the top, being silly and nonsensical whilst trying to act cool and “posing for the camera” at every moment! We’re stoked with how the videos have turned out and had a blast making them!

Working with the Mammut Mountain School, a leading outdoor apparel provider on their flagship education service, Outset Pictures produced a series of high-octane brand video that embodies the brand with super stylised, exciting imagery.

This project was a challenge that we we’re stoked to undertake; the tough environment, the physicality of keeping up with expert mountaineers and just a month to make it happen were just a few of the obstacles on our path.

The end product is a show-stopping video that launched new products and services as the outdoors open back up.

In this very fun and ambitious project Outset Pictures we’re commissioned by The Ents Inc. to help create a product launch video for their epic new AR Karting Simulator Chaos Karts

Working with Sam Sykes Limited, one of the largest providers of expeditions in the UK on behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Outset Pictures were tasked with creating a series of Web and Social Media video content, explaining some key information for participants who are completing their Bronze, Silver & Gold Award!